Best of Regensburg


As the main protagonist of the skyline, Regensburg's St. Peter's Cathedral is rightly the attraction of the old town.

The Gothic cathedral is one of the most important of southern German Gothic architecture and was built in its raw form as early as 1273.

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It is one of the oldest preserved bridges in Germany and connects Regensburg with the historic district of Stadtamhof. Construction of this medieval bridge began as early as 1135. The 308 meter long bridge is considered to be the model for the Charles Bridge in Prague.

In the evening hours, the sunset over the Danube can be beautifully observed here.


It is located in the heart of Regensburg's old town and is an absolute highlight of the city. Especially in summer you can experience the joie de vivre of the Regensburg people at its best.

Take a "squares tour" and start at Bismarckplatz, continue via Arnulfsplatz in the direction of Haidplatz through the old alleys of Regensburg.

Continue past the old city hall in the direction of Kohlenmarkt and as a last destination to Neupfarrplatz.Translated with (free version)


"On The other side" - connected to the old town of Regensburg via the Stone Bridge, lies the cozy district of Stadtamhof.

It is definitely worth a side trip just because of the colorful little houses lined up next to each other. Since 2006, Stadtamhof, together with Regensburg's Old Town, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Its name "Golden Tower" derives from a restaurant located in the 17th century. One of the rich patrician families had the tower built in 1260.
With its nine floors and 50 meters high, it is the highest residential tower north of the Alps.

The higher the tower, the higher then the prestige of the family. Since its renovation in 1985, the building offers a total of 43 places for students.


Explore Regensburg simply from the water! For a relaxed day trip, we recommend adventure tours to the Valhalla or 45-minute city tours, during which you will learn many interesting facts about the city and its history.

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Off into the green! Visit the beautiful parks like Dörnberg-park, Vill apark, Studentenwieserl, All ee ngür-tel or start along the Danube and the Naab for a wonderful bike tour.